Sam Hunt’s "Downtown’s Dead" deception: Why shooting a destination video was a bit of a ruse

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When Sam Hunt traveled south of the border to film the new video for “Downtown’s Dead,” the Georgia native admits he had a bit of an ulterior motive.

“The destination video thing was an excuse for me to travel a little bit,” he admits. "I've had the travel bug over the past couple years, so I enjoyed getting to see that part of Mexico and meet some new people.”

The picturesque location where the video was shot also has a pretty interesting history.

“We were down in Mexico, a couple hours north of Mexico City,” Sam explains, “in a very rural part of the country, [in] this really unique, cool little town that was sort of positioned around this old volcano. It's a beautiful country, [with] really great people and [it was] a really authentic cultural experience for us.”

“Downtown’s Dead” is currently climbing in country’s top twenty. You can check out the new music video on YouTube.

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