Sam Smith loves "Diane": The two global pop stars who are huge fans of Cam

ABC/Image Group LASo far, all we’ve heard of Cam’s sophomore album is the lead single, “Diane.” But some very famous pop stars -- namely Sam Smith and Harry Styles -- have heard even more of the record, and they’re both big fans.

The “Burning House” hitmaker has her collaborator Tyler Johnson to thank for introducing both Smith and the One Direction member to her music.   

“My producer/musical brother, he's been doing a lot of work with a lot of albums,” Cam explains. “He did the Harry Styles album, and he showed him some of my music, some of the upcoming album… And that's why Harry invited me to open up for him at the Ryman.”

Cam’s synergy with Smith was so good, she ended up writing a track on his #1 album, The Thrill of It All.

“The song's called 'Palace',” Cam tells ABC Radio, “and you can hear me playing and singing on it, which is really cool.”

The California native was thrilled to find out the British sensation, who broke through with “Stay with Me,” is also a fan of her new single.

“Sam texted me. He's like 'I love Diane!' I'm like 'Yeah!'”

So what’s it like to work with one of the biggest pop stars in the world?

“He's the most genuine, real person,” Cam says of Smith. “He's so normal... His vulnerability is what I think makes his voice so good and his art so good. And he carries that with him. He's just so easy to connect with, because he doesn't have any guards up or anything, which is really refreshing to be around someone that is that famous and that talented.”

“He's like, 'Did you like the album?' I'm like, 'Are you kidding?' I literally was like, 'Honey, you're an icon!'” she laughs.

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