"Sassiness," "getting happy," and time in NYC shape Miranda Lambert’s hand on ‘Wildcard’

Vanner Records/RCAToday, Miranda Lambert finally shows you her entire hand, as she plays her long-awaited Wildcard, the clever title of her seventh album.

If it seems like the Texan's trademark attitude is back -- well, Miranda believes you're right. 

"I think there is a return to sassiness," she reflects, comparing the new record to her previous album. "Doing The Weight of These Wings, a lot of the feedback was... it was a singer/songwriter kind of venture. And I take pride in that."

"And I didn't lose my sassiness," Miranda points out, "I just... didn't put at the forefront on that record."

"People are like, 'We want a "Miranda" song..." she adds. "And now I feel like... whatever that means, it's on this record. I think it is just the sarcasm and the feistiness."

Ultimately, Miranda's thankful for the depth Weight adds to her career.

"I'm 35. Singing 'Mama's Broken Heart' and 'Gunpowder and Lead' and 'Kerosene' every night is great, but I also like to have a 'Tin Man' moment in my set just for my own sanity too," she laughs, "because it's part of the journey."

In some ways, Miranda sees Wildcard as a throwback to her debut.

"'It All Comes Out in the Wash' I feel like is definitely exactly the kind of song that I would have had on Kerosene," she reflects. "This record reminds me more of Kerosene than any record I've done in between, because I kind of approached it with the same energy and open mindedness."

Miranda admits a new producer -- and a new husband -- were also key ingredients in Wildcard

"Just having a new phase in my life, and spending time in New York City, and getting happy -- all of those played a factor..." she reveals.

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This is one y'all haven't ever heard yet. #everythingtolose is out tonight. #previouslyunreleased pic.twitter.com/L7kiYjHsk0

— Old Dominion (@OldDominion) July 2, 2020