Self-proclaimed "awkward dude" Scotty McCreery has already written a wedding song for his fiancee

Triple TigersIt’s a pretty exciting time to be Scotty McCreery. The American Idol winner has the fastest-moving, highest-charting song of his career so far with “Five More Minutes,” which he wrote about the passing of his grandfather.

There’s also a wedding in the works: Scotty proposed to longtime girlfriend Gabi Dugal last September, during a hike in the North Carolina mountains they called home.

“I knew what I wanted to do,” Scotty says of popping the question. “I am not smooth by any means. I'm an awkward dude! So I think she had a pretty good idea that something was about to happen. It's a twenty minute hike usually, and Gabi says that I got her there in five to ten minutes, because my heart was just pounding and I was rushing.”

“But it went off without a hitch,” he continues, “and I flew her family in. Some of her family lives in North Carolina, but her sister lives in Oklahoma. She didn't know that was happening. She lost it, then. It was a special day.”

So, would Scotty ever consider crafting a song for the couple’s ceremony?

“Man, I've already written it!” he tells ABC Radio. “I've already got this song. I wrote it for Gabi, probably the week before I knew we were getting engaged. And it's gonna make the record, and who knows? I might sing it for her at the wedding. I'm trying to decide. It's a pretty important song to me.”   

Scotty’s new album -- which includes both “Five More Minutes” and the song he wrote for Gabi -- comes out March 16. It’s titled Seasons Change.

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