Sheriff Andrews offers tips for safe Black Friday travel

By Scott Smith

Black Friday shopping is underway, and the roads around Elberton and Northeast Georgia’s Stores and biggest shopping centers are likely to be full well into the weekend.

With that in mind, Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews has some tips to help people get to and from stores safely.

“Traffic does pick up, and when traffic picks up, obviously traffic crashes do,” Andrews said.

He says shoppers should make sure they leave in plenty of time to account for delays. Also please practice safe driving habits like no texting and driving. He also said, while road rage doesn’t tend to be a major issue in Elbert County, drivers should try to stay calm despite the stresses that can come with the weekend.

The roads, though, won’t be the only places where crowds will be an issue. Andrews said if an accident happens in a store or shopping center parking lot, drivers should remain calm and call authorities if necessary.

Andrews said his deputies will be out in full force over the weekend to help keep Elbert County drivers safe this holiday weekend.

Fortunately, road work shouldn’t cause shoppers any problems when trying to get to their destinations. Georgia DOT Spokeswoman Katie Strickland says all lane closures from construction are being suspended for the holiday weekend.

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