Shoeless 13-year-old fled alleged kidnappers: Police -- A 13-year-old found shoeless and with torn clothing fled potential kidnappers who were motivated by racial animus, the boy's mother said.

Zavion Parker was abducted from a bus stop and later found without his jacket, phone or keys, police told ABC Houston station KTRK.

Michelle Lee, Zavion's mother, called police after he didn't return home from school. The boy was found shortly after officers began investigating his whereabouts.

The sixth-grader told police after he got off the bus, a group of teenagers approached him and forced him into a four-door vehicle that had flames on the side, KTRK reported. An adult male was driving the vehicle and took Parker to a vacant house or building, where the boy allegedly was assaulted.

Lee said she received threatening messages from her son's phone and that her son said one suspect had a tattoo on his forearm that said, "I hate black people."

Houston police are describing the adult suspect as a white man with a heavy build, straight orange hair and at least one tattoo.

Zavion told KTRK that when those who abducted him went into another room to load a gun, he struggled free and ran as fast as he could.

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