"Shoot Me Straight": Brothers Osborne’s inability to make a video results in one of the best ones ever

CMABrothers Osborne’s frustration over not being able to land on a idea for a “Shoot Me Straight” music video just might have resulted in one of the most creative ones ever made.

“This idea genuinely spawned out of us not being able to come to agreement on what we wanted the video to be about,” TJ Osborne explains. 

John Osborne picks up the thought: “After weeks of back and forth emails, conference calls, treatment pitches, etc., we came to the conclusion that we needed to make a video about, well, not making a video. It turned out to be so damn fun.”

The clip starts with the CMA and ACM award-winning duo rejecting parody movie pitches like 00 BrosBrothers of the Corn, and Space Force.

From there, the directors set out on a secret mission to kidnap TJ and John and make their vision happen, even going so far as to shoot TJ with a tranquilizer dart and to chloroform John. There’s even a Weekend at Bernie’s moment where Dierks Bentley makes a cameo and doesn’t realize Brothers are both unconscious.

You can check out all the outrageous fun of the “Shoot Me Straight” video on YouTube now.

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