Snake sightings on the rise this year

The number of snake sightings is on the rise partially due to the weather.

The high accumulation of rain is causing some snakes to look for drier ground inside garages and sometimes homes according to researchers.

Jason Clark of the Southeastern Reptile Rescue says snakes are beginning to move more because of the warm weather.

“If we’re having a lot of torrential downpours and water levels are rising, we do see an increase in snakes coming into houses. Those are typically smaller, nonvenomous snakes just looking for somewhere to be dry,” Clark said.

Clark said people should not panic when they see a snake, which are not aggressive.

“The first thing a snake wants to do is escape, if that’s possible, then it will use its camouflage and hope you don’t see it. The last thing the snake wants to do is actually bite,” said Clark.

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