Son Replaces Family Photos With Steve Buscemi to Prank Parents

Kevin Manion(NEW YORK) -- It took five days and a really good eye for Kevin Manion’s prank to reach its full effect, but it got better with each passing day.

Last weekend, the 21 year-old started replacing family photos around his house in Wisconsin with ones of Steve Buscemi, the veteran actor well-known for his roles in “Boardwalk Empire,” “Fargo” and more.

Manion said he cooked up the idea to prank his parents over dinner with his sister Clare, 19.

“If you’re not expecting to see [Steve Buscemi's] face, it’ll catch you off guard,” Kevin joked. “I like him as an actor, but he has a very distinct face.”

Manion's father caught on to the prank after just two days, but promised his “lips were sealed.”

“Dad pulled me aside one day and was like, 'Alright Kevin, why is there a picture of Steve [Buscemi] replacing your senior photos?'” Manion told ABC News.

It was Clare who ultimately decided to share the prank on Twitter.

"After you get four [pictures], I'm going to put this on Twitter," Manion recalled Clare telling him. "I think this will go viral."

On Sunday, Clare tweeted that their mother still hadn't noticed and shared photos of the prank in progress, and the rest was history. The internet jumped on board, and she had more than 33,000 retweets as of this afternoon.

Manion said that when his mother finally noticed the photos, she thought they were “hilarious,” and she and his dad “lov[ed] it.”

The photos of Buscemi may no longer be up in the Manion household, but Manion said his family remains “blown away” by the attention they've received online.

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