Strip It Down: Luke Bryan Bares His Bruise on Social Media

Capitol NashvilleFor all the fans who’ve ever wished they could get a better look at Luke Bryan’s famous booty -- well, this weekend, thanks to the down-to-earth CMA Entertainer of the Year and social media, they came pretty close.

On Friday, Luke carried on with his second Farm Tour stop in as many days, even after breaking his clavicle in a biking accident. Backstage, he explained how he lost control and perhaps made his injuries worse by trying to get back on the pavement instead of wiping out in the grass.

The “Move” hitmaker went on to say he’d suffered nasty bruises on both his collarbone and hip, before pulling down his jeans and somehow modestly managing to show the bruise to bystanders. On Saturday, he shared a photo on social media.

By Sunday, Luke and his wife Caroline were on their way to surgery to repair the broken bone near his shoulder.

"All good. Got me some metal," he tweeted later, along with an x-ray of the repair to his clavicle, as well as a reminder that his farm date Wednesday in Batesville, Mississippi will go on as planned. 

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