"Summer in a Cup": Trisha Yearwood serves up a pool-inspired, friend-tested tropical treat

Williams-SonomaIf you want to know what Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will be drinking by the pool as the weather heats up, all you have to do is drop by Williams-Sonoma to find out. Trisha’s favorite cocktail is now part of her new line at the high-end culinary retailer.

The host of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Food Network explains how “Summer in a Cup” came to be.

“It really was a hot afternoon in Oklahoma, and my friends and I were in the pool,” Trisha recalls. “And my friend Mandy… She went inside to make a drink, and she came out with this concoction, and she took a drink and she said, 'That's summer in a cup.' And I'm like, 'What a great name!'”

After its initial creation, Trisha admits the ingredients tended to vary.

“'Summer in a Cup' wasn't one thing for awhile,” she says. “It was like whatever you kinda had in the kitchen that was tropical, and you'd add some kind of coconut rum, usually, to it. So it was tropical, but it changed.”

Once Trisha decided to make it part of her new line at Williams-Sonoma, it was time to nail the recipe down.

“We had to kinda really hone in, and go, 'Okay, it has pineapple juice. We gotta figure it out.'”

But the Georgia native had a secret weapon to make sure she got it right.

“I made all my friends taste it. I'm like, 'They're the true test. If they say this is it, then this is it.' So when I felt like it was right, I sent them all a sample. And they're like, 'Yep, that's Summer in a Cup!'” 

“Summer in a Cup” is just one of Trisha’s products now available online and in Williams-Sonoma stores.

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