"Tequila" with a twist: How Dan + Shay crafted their latest hit

ABC/Image Group LA In the tradition of classic country songs like "Straight Tequila Night" and "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off," Dan + Shay have crafted their own ode to the most essential ingredient in a margarita.

Dan Smyers admits, however, the duo aimed to serve their "Tequila" with a twist. 

"I guess whenever you see the title, 'Tequila,' and you hear the song and it's more of a nostalgic, kind of heartbreak thing, it's like, 'It's kind of interesting how they did that,'" he tells ABC Radio.

"We try to do that a lot," Dan explains. "Somebody will bring in a good or idea or a title, and it's like 'How can we make that more interesting? How can we give the listener something unexpected?'... It's nice sometimes to get in there and twist it a little bit, have a little bit of a spin at the end of the chorus. And country music does that better than any genre, I think."

Shay Mooney believes "Tequila" appeals to the memories lots of folks associate with their time at the bar.

"I think everyone has that nostalgic feeling, with any kind of alcohol, good or bad," Shay says. "You know, I drank wine in Napa Valley, and you have this certain experience. You drink whiskey in a honky tonk, and that might have a certain experience."

"I actually had a friend text me today," he continues. "It was like, 'Man, I love your new song. It reminds me of my wife back in her tequila days.'" 

"Tequila" is the first taste of Dan + Shay's forthcoming third album. 

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