That don’t impress me much: Shania Twain helps out the Arizona DOT as she plays Phoenix

ABC RadioShania Twain not only played a show Monday night in Phoenix, she also did her part for public safety in the state of Arizona.

LED signs over the interstate across Arizona simultaneously quoted a Shania smash from 1998 to warn drivers. “Speeding?” “Unbuckled?” “Aggressive driver?” the signs asked.  They all provided the same reply: “That don’t impress me much.”

The Arizona Department of Transportation tells ABC Radio the messages were definitely a tip of the hat to the Canadian country/pop superstar.

“We want to grab people’s attention and make them engage with important safety messages,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“We often tie our unconventional safety messages to current events, like holidays, blockbuster movie premieres or local concerts, as a way to combine traffic safety with topics that are front-of-mind for many people.”

Shania herself was supportive of the creative maneuver, tweeting photos of the signs on Tuesday, along with the laugh-until-you-cry emoji, tagging the Arizona DOT.

This week, Shania's NOW Tour rolls on, picking up Wednesday in Fresno, California.

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