The recipe for success Chris Stapleton borrowed from ZZ Top

ABC/Image Group LA With a collection of critically acclaimed gold and platinum albums to his credit, as well as CMA Awards and Grammys, Chris Stapleton says his philosophy of making records is actually pretty simple.

“I heard Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, I read an interview with him one time,” Chris explains, “where he said he always just tried to make music that he would want to listen to. And I think that is the best litmus test for what you want to record or make. And I'm a fan of albums too, so I always like things that kind of work together in a pot.”

This week, the Kentucky native is also enjoying his biggest radio hit so far, as “Broken Halos” ascends into the top five. While Chris welcomes the success, he admits he’s not terribly competitive when it comes to airplay.

“Am I necessarily chasing somebody else?” he asks. “No, because I'm not somebody else and any attempt on my part to be somebody else would be not only not genuine, but it just wouldn't work, because it's not me.”

“So I hope that I can have some radio success,” he continues. “I hope that radio stations decide to play some things off this record. But I don't make records thinking about how it will play out that way, just like I don't make records thinking about awards or anything like that. I just don't think that's a healthy thing to do.”

“Broken Halos” is the latest single from the gold-certified From A Room: Volume 1, which won the CMA award for Album of the Year in November.

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