The "Round Here Buzz" Eric Church caught every night on his Holdin’ My Own Tour

ABC/Image Group LA We may not know exactly what’s ahead for Eric Church this year when it comes to touring or new music, but one thing seems for sure: his #3 hit "Round Here Buzz" has its sights set on country music's pinnacle.

As it stands now, most of The Chief’s dates this year are festivals, with the first being Tortuga in Ft. Lauderdale in April.

Both concertgoers and critics agree: last year’s multiple-hour trek that featured only Eric and his band will be hard to top. Even though the long sets may have been exhausting, the North Carolina native loved it, because it brought him closer to his audience.

"The connection that was developed with the fans from the Holdin' My Own Tour was such a deep connection," he says thoughtfully. "It was always there, but this was a deeper thing, because not only did a lot of these people come to 20, 30 shows, but then they're coming to 20, 30 shows and they're giving three and a half, four hours."

For Eric, one of the high points of every concert was his closing number.

"One of my favorite parts of every night was 'Holdin' My Own,' the last song and everybody would always put their arms around each others' shoulders and they'd sway back and forth," he recalls. "It was just a neat moment for me."

The Holdin' My Own Tour lives on through Eric's mammoth set of 61 Days in Church live recordings, which are available to stream or download now.

"Round Here Buzz" is the fourth single from Eric's surprise 2015 album, Mr. Misunderstood.

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