The star of Thomas Rhett’s show? His 40 pairs of sneakers

ValoryOne might think that growing up in Nashville as the son of a country singer would make Thomas Rhett a fan of cowboy boots, but it turns out, sneakers are more his style.  Lots and lots of sneakers.

The switch to wearing kicks onstage came several years ago when Thomas decided to include a few dance moves in his stage show, "I was going to break my ankles dancing in [boots]," he told Billboard.

Thomas is now a "sneakerhead" -- a collector -- and has a whopping 40 pairs with him on the road for his Home Team tour.  He's even outfitted his band members in matching sneakers. 

"We move as a unit and look like a unit as well,” he says, saying he's been inspired by Bruno Mars and James Brown and their respective bands.

Thomas prefers sneakers in "wild colors," telling Billboard that they "bring out my personality." 

He adds, "The fresher colors represent my fashion sense and my musical style, both of which are somewhat all over the place."

Today, TR also teased his new single "Craving You," the lead track from his upcoming album.  The song, featuring Maren Morris, will have its world premiere on March 31.

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