The "Unforgettable" day Thomas Rhett wrote two "Life Chang(ing)" hits

ABC/Image Group LA While it was Luke Combs who had a #1 with “When It Rains It Pours,” it turns out the same sentiment holds true for Thomas Rhett.  TR managed to write two hits for his Life Changes album in the span of several hours.

“We actually wrote 'Unforgettable' and 'Marry Me' in the same day, which is nuts,” Thomas reveals. “And I think at that time, you don't know what you're gonna record. You're just kinda writing to write and that was a pretty successful day.”

“Marry Me” is currently in the top five, while “Unforgettable” is Thomas Rhett’s most recent #1.

“That was a song that started at like two o'clock in the morning after a show,” TR recalls of "Unforgettable." “Just hanging out on the bus, riding down the road and Ashley [Gorley] sitting there playing that chord progression and I just started singing this melody over it. And somehow, we got to the hook of 'That night was just like you, unforgettable.'”

“And from that point, we just decided to tell a very colorful, unique story that a lot of people think is mine," he adds. "But actually it's not. It's actually made up."

Less than six months after it was released, Life Changes has already been certified gold.

“It was amazing over the writing process how certain days of writing really stood out,” TR reflects. “It's cool looking back to see how those trips and those days morphed into a fourteen-song album.”

On Tuesday, TR will receive the CMA Triple Play Award for writing three number-ones within a twelve-month period:  “Die a Happy Man,” “Star of the Show,” and Michael Ray’s “Think a Little Less.”

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