Tim McGraw Returns to the Big Screen Next Year in "The Shack"

ABC/Image Group LA We haven’t seen Tim McGraw on the big screen since he co-starred with George Clooney in last year’s Tomorrowland. But that will change come March 3, when he opens in the big-screen adaptation of the 2011 best-seller, The Shack.  

“Well, it’s certainly a really heartfelt and heartbreaking at times film,” he says of the movie. “The story is certainly a story of redemption. Anybody that’s read the book knows that.”

When it comes to his co-stars, Tim has nothing but high praise.

“I got to work with some great people. You know Sam Worthington, who blew me away with his acting chops working with him, he’s just such a talented, talented actor. Octavia Spencer’s in the movie.”

As for his part: “My character Willie is sort of the lead character’s best friend and sort of the audience in a lot of ways of the movie, and looks at it from the audience perspective,” Tim explains. “I narrate the film as well, which is pretty much a treat for me to be able to do that and sort of be the voice of the film.”

Tim and wife Faith Hill also co-wrote the song “Keep Your Eyes on Me” for the soundtrack, and perform it as well.

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