Toby Keith’s "Weed with Willie" and "Wacky Tobaccy" find their home on "The Bus Songs"

Show DogIrreverent, under-the-influence tunes crafted late at night on Toby Keith’s bus have long been part of his repertoire. Now, for the first time, the Oklahoma native is putting out a full album of them.

The Bus Songs will be released September 8, and will include his latest single “Wacky Tobaccy,” as well as a live recording of the favorite “Weed with Willie.”

Here’s the complete listing of the 12 tracks on The Bus Songs, which will be available for pre-order on July 21:  

“S**** Golfer”
“Wacky Tobaccy”
“Runnin’ Block”
“Brand New Bow”
“Call a Marine”
“Hell No”
“The Critic”
“The Size I Wear”
“Ballad of a Balad”
“Rum Is the Reason”
“Weed with Willie” (live)
“Get Out of My Car” (live)

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