“Travelers” Scam could be back in Elbert County

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office was alerted on 1/3/2018 that the Irish Traveler’s could be back in Elbert County attempting to scam again. The Scams that they are known for are painting driveways, and/ or painting barns where they will use very little paint and a lot of thinner. Other scams that they are known for are imposter burglaries. There was a couple arrested for this scam in Elbert County back in February 2016. Other scams could involve being lured outside while person / or persons attempt to enter your residence to take your valuables, also known as carpet or rug salesmen; while one of them will hold up the rug, the other one will go behind it and take your valuables.

Here are other ways that the scam artist attempts to get into your residence:

• Asking for directions
• Acting as if they are ill and need assistance or water
• Asking to use the telephone
• Asking if your home is for sale
• Inquiring about neighbors
• Asking about property line

Here are the reasons that the scammer’s target the elderly:

• They are usually home during the day
• They are often alone
• They grew up in an era of less crime and are usually more trusting
• Most times the victim is not able to remember the descriptions to identify them

Anyone having contact with person / person(s) attempting any of these scams, or any other scam; PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR; contact your local law enforcement.

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