Travis Denning catches a spark in "Sittin’ by a Fire" video

Mercury NashvilleTravis Denning is fanning the flames of love in the video for his new song, "Sittin' by a Fire."  

The song opens with the singer scoring an invite to a bonfire party with his friends. He ultimately turns down the invitation, as he's already basking in the glow of firelight with the woman he loves, with Travis painting images of burning smoke, windshield hearts and the "spark in her eyes."

"Whatever this is I got my arms around/It's burnin' too hot to let it go out/And I ain't ever felt the way I'm feelin' right now/Sittin' by a fire," he croons.

Travis captures the song's theme with a social distance-friendly video that shows him plucking an acoustic guitar while singing solo around a campfire -- until his leading lady shows up at video's end for an affectionate embrace.

"Sittin' by a Fire" is featured on Travis' debut six-song EP, Beer's Better Cold. "It's one of my favorites," he says  of the track on Instagram.    

Travis' current single, "After a Few," is in the top five on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

By Cillea Houghton
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