Trouble on the Bandwagon? Little Big Town promises an unpredictable tour with Miranda Lambert

ABC/Image Group LA Little Big Town hasn't hit the stage for the first time on The Bandwagon Tour with Miranda Lambert, but they're already joking there may be problems between the two A-list acts.

"She's gonna be super-hard to tour with," Kimberly Schlapman grins, as the rest of her band mates erupt in laughter. "I'm not sure what's gonna happen!"

In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

"We've loved her forever," Kimberly confesses. "We were fans first and then friends, and [we've] been talking about trying to do something together on the road forever. Finally, all the schedules worked out, so we're gonna make it happen this summer."

Thursday night, the CMA Vocal Group of the Year plays their first date with the CMA Female Vocalist in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"It's gonna be a true collaboration, which we've never really done, ever," Kimberly reveals. 

"We're gonna sing some songs," Phillip Sweet elaborates, "she's gonna sing her...set, then we're gonna do equally as long a set together. It's gonna be like a big jam."

"And the best thing about Miranda is," Phillip goes on, "she's such a lover of music and we can sit in a patio and open a bottle of wine and just have a great jam session with her. So that's gonna be kinda what this party's gonna be."

"It's gonna be a real event," Karen Fairchild continues, "versus just somebody opening, somebody closing, doing one finale song."

"We may sing each other's songs. We may cover things. I'm acting like I don't know," Karen smiles. "I do know what we're gonna do, but I think it's gonna be really special...for us. I hope the fans feel the same way."

LBT just released "Summer Forever," the lead single from their follow-up to The Breaker.

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