Unconfirmed Elbert County Connection to South Carolina Man accused of Kidnapping and Possible Multiple Murders

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp


There are unconfirmed information that the South Carolina man suspected for Kidnapping and possible Multiple murders has an Elbert County Connection.. Todd Christopher Kohlhepp, 45, is in the Spartanburg Co. Detention Center charged with kidnapping.

Unconfirmed reports say that Kohlhepp attended Samuel Elbert Academy in Elberton

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp


According to Various reports The Spartanburg County sheriff says the arrest of Todd Kohlhepp has also solved a cold case deputies have been investigating for several years.

Officials say Kohlhepp has been charged with the murder of four people who were found shot to death at a place called Superbike Motorsports back in 2003 near Chesnee.

Deputies have been following leads in the case for years, but the sheriff said the break in the case happened this week when Kohlhepp was arrested.

During a press conference Saturday night Sheriff Chuck Wright said Kohlhepp had confessed to the deadly shooting in 2003.

Beverly Guy, Scott Ponder, Brian Lucas and Chris Sherbert were found shot to death inside Superbike Motorsports on November 6, 2003.

Wright also said that Kohlhepp returned to his property with deputies to show them where two additional bodies are located. As of Sunday morning, investigators have not announced any new discoveries on the property.

After the announcement Melissa Ponder, the wife of one of the victims, said, “I’m sad, relieved, in shock.”

According to the Spartanburg County detention center website, in addition to a kidnapping charge in connection with the Kala Brown case, Kohlhepp is now being charged with four counts of murder.

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