Viral video warning: Scotty McCreery’s ready to dominate "Celebrity Family Feud" with Grandma Paquita

ABC/Byron CohenSurvey says: Scotty McCreery's always wanted to play Family Feud, and on Sunday, he finally gets his chance.

"That was a blast," he tells ABC Radio. "I was...more nervous than I probably am for most things I do, just because I've watched the show my whole life and I've always screamed out the answers on the couch."

"It's like 'How could you not get that?'" he continues. "But then I could totally see myself blanking, like right there at the button."

So how did the "Five More Minutes" hitmaker decide who'd make his team?

"It was just figuring out who was gonna make great TV," Scotty says. "Everybody wanted to be on the show, so it was tough to choose, but I think we had a...pretty funny group."

Team McCreery ended up being all family, for the episode that was recorded prior to Scotty marrying his wife Gabi back in June.

"It was me, my fiancee, her dad, my dad and my Grandma Paquita," he explains. "And Grandma Paquita was the star of the show."

"Steve Harvey loved her, so that'll be some good TV," he adds.

Scotty himself is a big fan of the comedian, who's the host of the legendary game show.

"He makes it fun..." Scotty says of Harvey. "It would be fun, just the game itself, but Steve Harvey takes it over the top. And he's hilarious, just his comments and his facial expressions more than anything. He can...make anybody laugh."

It turns out so can Team McCreery.

"We had a couple answers that might be good Facebook videos...They might go viral. But it's all good." 

Tune in to see what happens when Scotty and his family take on comedian Chris Kattan's team, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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