Want to be Riley Green’s Valentine? Why you might want to keep it moving

ABC/Image Group LASince Riley Green's a good-looking, single, former college football player who's also a successful country singer, there are likely plenty of women who dream of being his Valentine. 

Even so, the "There Was This Girl" hitmaker warns that anybody interested might want to rethink that.

"I’m definitely a procrastinator when it comes to any holidays," he admits. "A lot of my Christmas gifts get wrapped in newspaper."

In fact, the Alabama native maintains he's never really had a significant other on February 14.

"I don’t know that I’ve celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a girl," he reveals. "But I would imagine that if I did it would go a lot like that. It would be a last-minute type of flower-from-the-grocery-store type situation."

The upside might be that Riley could always sing to you. His latest single, "I Wish Grandpas Never Died," is currently a top-fifteen hit.  

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