Watch Maren Morris explore Hawaii’s Road to Hana in "The Bones" music video

Columbia NashvilleYou can vicariously experience one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist attractions in Maren Morris’s new music video for “The Bones.”

Filmed during her vacation to Maui at the end of June, the clip follows Maren and her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd, as they explore the Hana Highway, a more than fifty-mile stretch of road through a lush, tropical rainforest.

“The Road to Hana is beautiful but a hell of a trek,” Maren shared on her socials. “Kind of like the most meaningful & lasting human relationships we get to have.”

“This is our journey on film for ‘The Bones’ directed by our friend and Maui aficionado Alex M. Ferrari,” she added.

The tender ballad about a strong relationship is the follow-up to the title track of Maren’s sophomore album, the #1 country hit, “Girl.”

While “The Bones” is just beginning its climb on the country chart, it’s already a top twenty hit on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs ranking.

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