Watch Now: LOCASH’s origin story involves the police, a stolen U-Haul…and an arrest warrant?

ABC/Image Group LABefore the chart-topping hits and the CMA nominations, LOCASH was just a struggling duo trying make a living on the road. But as the duo's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas told ABC Radio at Tuesday's Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, the road isn't easy when the police think you're car thieves.

"I met Chris in '02...and we set out on tour in my Jeep Grand Cherokee with a stolen U-Haul, and the rest is history!" Preston told ABC Radio. It turns out they'd borrowed that U-Haul from an acquaintance and weren't aware that it was stolen until they ran into some mechanical trouble.

"We stole it by accident," explained Preston.

"We didn't steal it. We didn't know it was stolen," added Chris. Preston chimed in, "Til the wheel fell off. And that's when we found out it was stolen." "When the cops came, and that was ugly," recalled Chris. 

Preston also claimed that as a result of that incident, "There's a warrant out for our arrest [in Alabama]." Chris disputed that, but Preston insisted, "We left, we gave 'em a t-shirt and a hat and we made a deal, and I don't think the deal held."

But with their new single "Don't Get Better Than That" climbing the charts, and more new music on the way, those days are far behind them, right?

"Yeah, now we're on a stolen bus," Preston laughed. "I'm just kiddin.'"

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