Watch Out For Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses

With the solar eclipse only a few days away, some local organizations and businesses have found themselves in possession of fake solar glasses.

The Franklin County and Elbert County School system learned over the weekend that some of the glasses they have purchased for students were not compliant with the American Astrological Society or NASA for safe viewing of the eclipse. Some businesses in NE Georgia have run into the same problem and have had to recall their glasses. Many of the fake glasses were made in China, Russia and Malaysia and will say on the inside where they were made. The real glasses will have the name of the vendor on them as well as manufacturer’s logo and will have been made in the U.S. They will also have an A-S-N-Z-S number of 1338.1:2012.

To find out if the glasses you bought are safe, you can go to the Web site to view a list of legitimate vendors.

You can also use a #14 Welding glass

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