Wendy’s of Elberton..New Customer Service initiative

Wendy’s of Elberton has been taking a lot of criticism from Elberton residents of late on their customer service and service in general over the past few months. After one concerned citizen voiced their displeasure on facebook the floodgates opened on the restaurant and the seemingly lack of attention to the local restaurant by its owners who have long ties to the Elberton area.

Elberton Resident Vanessa Lee after posting her complaints on facebook… ” I received a call yesterday from a very nice gentleman. His name is Jonathon Hooper. He is the grandson-in-law of Bill and Teresa Graham who do still own Elberton Wendy’s. He apologized over and over about all the problems at Wendy’s. He assured me that everything would be corrected! I in turn told him that this was not a one time thing that I had issues there as well as MANY people in Elberton have had!!! He said if anyone wants to call him to give them his number”.

Jonathan Bailey Hooper, Director of Human Respurces and Public Relations at Graywolf Management Corporation which owns Wendy’s of Elberton responded by saying ” I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Good or bad! I look forward to speaking to all of you. Please call me at 864-245-2288 if you would like”.

Reports are things are improving nicely at the local restaurant

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