Why "Hurricane" keeps blowing newcomer Luke Combs away

Columbia NashvilleAs Luke Combs’ breakthrough hit, “Hurricane,” grows closer to potentially becoming his first #1, the newcomer just got the news it’s also his very first Gold single.

The North Carolina native says he’d like to take credit for knowing “Hurricane” would be the song that would launch him onto the national stage. Instead, he admits he was simply trying to raise enough money to finish a record at the time.  

“That was the only time I ever sang that song in the studio,” he says of “Hurricane,” “was the take that's on the radio. That was like a one-pass vocal, and I picked it because I knew if I put it out, at least it would sell a couple hundred copies and then I could use the rest of that money to finance the rest of the EP,” he recalls.

That was just the first time “Hurricane” exceeded Luke’s expectations.

“When I put it up, it sold 15,000 copies in the first week,” he remembers.

“I used that money to master the rest of the EP, which led to me getting a booking deal, and then my independent deal, and now being over here at Columbia. So, it was kind of a divine intervention thing. A whole lot luck, and a little bit of hard work!” he smiles.

Luke’s full-length debut album, This One’s for You, comes out June 2.

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