Why Luke Bryan Designed "Move" to Be "Country Girl’s" Little Sister

ABC/Image Group LA If you think Luke Bryan’s latest top-five hit sounds a lot like his triple-platinum smash from 2011, the CMA Entertainer of the Year tells ABC Radio he’s just fine with that. In fact, that’s just how he planned it.

“When I wrote 'Move,' I just envisioned [that]....it's gonna appeal to that same crowd that… 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' [did],” he recalls. “And I mean, I love nothing more to play music that I can see fans out there having a great time and dancing. I just want people dancing!"

He adds, "My thing is just whatever songs that I feel like I can get a fun reaction out of my fans. And I certainly think people…close their eyes and dance like crazy when they hear 'Move!'"  

 This week, there will be plenty of dancing, as Luke kicks off his 8th annual Farm Tour Wednesday at Culler Farms in Gaston, South Carolina.

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Watch now: Dan + Shay’s hearts are overflowing, and so is their liquor cabinet

Watch now: Dan + Shay's hearts are overflowing, and so is their liquor cabinetABC/Image Group LADan + Shay are nominated for four CMA Awards on Wednesday's ABC telecast, and Dan Smyers says it's all down to one specific song: "Tequila," which was a massive hit for the duo.

"It's changed our lives," Dan Smyers tells ABC Radio. "This is the moment where we're actually feeling it all sink in. 'Cause it's been such a busy year, we've been on the road non-stop. Being able to come back here [to Nashville] and have people say, 'You guys are nominated for all these awards!' -- it's like, 'Maybe this is real life!'" 

"It's felt like a dream up 'til now. It's felt surreal but we're trying to soak it in," he adds. "It goes by fast, so we're trying to appreciate the moment."

In addition to being nominated for Single, Song and Music Video of the Year for "Tequila," Dan + Shay are also up for Vocal Duo of the Year.  Shay Mooney says that's the category he'd most like to win.

"I feel like that's a really [competitive] category, so that would definitely mean a lot," he tells ABC Radio. "We love all the guys -- and ladies -- in that category."

Win or lose, though, Dan + Shay will definitely have enough booze on hand to either celebrate or drown their sorrows.  As Dan explains, fans have been giving them bottles of tequila all year long.

"Dude, my liquor cabinet -- it overflowed!" he laughs. "I had to go to the upstairs closet.  It's filled with tequila -- it's incredible! It's a great problem. Whenever friends come over, we go through it but the supply is ample, if you will, right now. It's good!"  

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