Woman’s ‘arrest’ leads to boyfriend’s proposal outside police car

SamSlay Photography(MEDINA, Tenn.) -- A prank involving two Tennessee police officers led to a romantic proposal outside a squad car on Friday afternoon.

Greg Morris, 20, a correctional officer, popped the question to girlfriend Brooklyn Schrupp, 20, after being pulled over by the Gibson County Sheriff's Office.

The officers then "arrested" Schrupp before revealing the incident was a joke set up by Morris.

"She loved it," Morris, a Medina resident told ABC News Monday. "She thought it was a great prank. She took it really, really well and enjoyed it. I wouldn't have done it if it was something she wouldn't have taken well. We're still laughing three days later ... seeing her laugh is the ultimate goal."

Morris and Schrupp were high school sweethearts and have been a couple for four years.

Morris, a correctional officer with the Gibson County Sheriff's Office of Trenton, Tennessee, decided to plan a unique proposal with the help of the Gibson County Sheriff, Paul Thomas.

"I called him with a last minute plan," Morris recalled. "I said, 'I know it's short notice, but I'd like to make something happen' and he said, 'Absolutely.'"

On Feb. 24, Schrupp believed she was on her way to a couple's photo shoot with Morris. But during their drive, Officer Kevin Vester of the Medina Police Department and Officer Steven Morgan of the Gibson County Sheriff's Office pulled the couple over.

Officer Morgan told Schrupp that she had owed money for a traffic violation and that her license has been suspended. He then placed her in the back of the police car, Morris explained.

"The reason why I wanted Morgan, he's extremely professional -- you never know if he's happy, mad, sad," Morris said about his colleague. "I said [to Brooklyn], 'Stay calm. We are going to work it out.' [Morgan] said, 'Anyone in the back of the car has to get cuffed.'"

Shortly after Schrupp was "released" by police, Morris got down on one knee.

Sheriff Paul Thomas told ABC News that he was happy to help Morris execute the playful plan.

"I thought it was pretty awesome that first of all, he was getting engaged," Thomas said. "I know Greg really well and I know his girlfriend. You only get to do it once and it was exciting for us to be apart of it, to do something different, something you'd always remember."

Brooklyn Schrupp told ABC News that she was amused by her fiance's gag.

"I don't get in trouble so when the officer asked me to get out of the car, my stomach dropped," she said. "That was perfect for us. I know how much he loves his job and my whole family is in law enforcement so it was really sweet. I wasn't focused on anything else going on around me. I was just focused on him going down on one knee."

Samantha Slayton, a friend to Morris and Schrupp and owner of SamSlay Photography, photographed the proposal as it unfolded.

"I think it came out awesome considering Greg works in law enforcement and Brooklyn had no idea what was going on," Slayton told ABC News. "But it was really emotional, I enjoyed it and I think it turned out wonderful. I was honored to be a part of it."

The couple hopes to marry in 2018.

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