WSGC, Star To Host Election Forum

The Elberton Star and WSGC Radio will sponsor a city election forum Wednesday, Sept. 27 at the Historic Rock Gym. The event, which will be carried live on WSGC, will begin at 6 p.m.  There are two city races in Elberton. Incumbent Mayor Larry Guest will run against qualifier Mike Fernandez and in Ward 5 incumbent council member Joel Seymour will run against qualifier Kyle Parham.
There is also one race in Bowman. Incumbent Mayor Betty Jo Maxwell will run against qualifier Mark Berryman.

In the council race, incumbents Rachel Felice and Wade Bridges were scheduled to run against qualifiers Mary Clark and Tyson Almond. However, on Monday Mary Clark said she officially
withdrew from the council race. The three remaining qualifiers will take the three vacant council seats.

The forum will begin with Seymour and Parham at 6 p.m., then Maxwell and Berryman will follow, and the forum will end with Guest and Fernandez. Each candidate will have a three minute opening statement, then candidates will alternate answering questions and each candidate will be given a two-minute closing statement.

Questions will be taken from identified citizens who email their questions to The Elberton Star and WSGC.
The Star’s email address is and WSGC’s email address is

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